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Brandon Kressin has spent his entire career in private practice, representing clients seeking to execute offensive antitrust strategies in a variety of industries.


Brandon has deep experience in all areas of antitrust, but what sets him apart is his experience advocating in favor of enforcement before federal, state, and foreign antitrust regulators. He regularly meets with and presents to staff at the DOJ’s Antitrust Division and at the FTC. He also travels around the country to meet with antitrust enforcers in the most active state attorney general offices, and he also appears before regulators in the EU and the UK.


While many of Brandon’s public engagements have centered on technology markets (e.g., search, digital advertising, digital publishing, mobile operating systems, cloud computing, mapping, etc.), he also represents clients in industries as wide and varied as: cable broadcasting and internet service provision, auto manufacturing, hardware technology manufacturing, ride-sharing, health insurance, life insurance, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, consumer goods and food retail, sports gaming and entertainment, alcohol distribution, and cheese manufacturing.

Brandon is an antitrust lawyer with deep experience in all areas of antitrust, having represented clients on an array of issues in a wide variety of industries. He focuses especially on cases involving rapidly evolving technology markets, and he has worked at the center of the most high profile antitrust cases of the past decade, both in the US and abroad. He specializes in helping clients develop and execute multi pronged antitrust strategies that tie together regulatory, litigation, and public advocacy components.

Brandon previously practiced at Cadwalader and Paul, Weiss before leaving in 2020 to help form Kanter Law Group. He subsequently formed Kressin Law Group (now Kressin Meador) in 2021.



J.D., New York University School of Law

B.A., Washington University in St. Louis


New York

District of Columbia


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