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Our Services.

We offer a full suite of antitrust services and capabilities. We excel at helping our clients think about antitrust not only defensively, but from a posture of maintaining and enhancing their ability to compete effectively.


We represent clients in antitrust litigation, primarily in offensive and non-party roles across a broad spectrum of industries. We handle complex cases involving monopolistic practices, cartel behavior, group boycotts, price fixing, and other antitrust violations. Our approach combines thorough legal analysis, meticulous preparation, and aggressive courtroom strategies to achieve just outcomes.

Regulatory Advocacy

We provide expert regulatory advocacy services, helping clients navigate the challenges posed by antitrust investigations and enforcement actions by federal, state, and international regulatory bodies. Our team engages with enforcers to advocate on behalf of our clients, presenting compelling arguments and evidence to influence regulatory outcomes and policy decisions.

Competition Policy Counseling

We help businesses and trade associations navigate the increasingly complex world of antitrust and competition policy, in close coordination with their government affairs teams, legislative advocates, and third-party consultants. We are well-versed in coalition building and management to help achieve policy goals that complement legal strategies and achieve desired business objectives.

Merger Counseling

We offer comprehensive merger counseling services, advising clients on the antitrust implications of potential transactions, including third-party transactions that may harm competition. From initial due diligence to engaging with enforcers, our team provides strategic guidance to identify risks and solutions and to present the strongest case on behalf of our clients. We work diligently to protect our clients' ability to operate in competitive markets.

General Antitrust Strategy

Our antitrust compliance programs are tailored to help clients prevent, detect, and respond to potential antitrust issues before they become problematic. We conduct audits, provide training sessions, and develop policies that ensure compliance with complex antitrust laws and regulations. Our proactive approach helps clients maintain lawful and ethical business practices, minimizing risk and fostering a culture of compliance within their organizations.

Whistleblower & Qui Tam Actions

We represent whistleblowers and other complainants in qui tam actions, seeking antitrust relief on behalf of the government. Our experienced team supports individuals and entities in reporting and prosecuting claims involving antitrust violations that harm public interest. By leveraging the FCA and other statutes, we empower our clients to hold violators accountable, often resulting in significant recoveries for the government while ensuring our clients are rewarded and protected throughout the process.

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