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We are a boutique antitrust law firm focused on helping our clients anticipate and respond to the rapidly changing world of competition law

We Do

Regulatory Advocacy

We are experienced at advocating on behalf of our clients in front of federal, state, and foreign antitrust enforcers and regulators.


We assist companies in all facets of antitrust litigation, including assessing the strengths of potential lawsuits, bringing or defending against antitrust claims, and responding to litigation as a third-party.

What We Offer

Merger Counseling

We help our clients assess the antitrust risks and pitfalls that might result from potential mergers and acquisitions, and we guide them through every step of the merger clearance process.

Legislative Advocacy

We advise our clients on the potential effects of proposed changes of federal and state antitrust laws, and we help them develop and execute strategies to engage proactively with legislators and other stakeholders.

Antitrust Compliance

We help our clients understand their responsibilities under the antitrust laws and to recognize and mitigate areas of potential risk.

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